Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life is Busy

Looking after the lovely Isla (and at twenty months she is full of beans) on Tuesday's until Cheryl and Gus (the other grandparents) get back from a holiday to their homeland of Scotland.  I am so enjoying my time with her.  However, yesterday wasn't one of the good days, poor little thing was so sick, high temperature and just quite miserable.  Mum and Dad have been trying to get her to stop using her dummy but I had to go and buy her one as she was just so restless, she also conned me into buying her 'Miss Pinky' her new teddy bear.

Consequently I have picked up Isla's bug and am not well at all, headache, chesty, itchy eyes, not nice at all.

I am pleased to say that my 'tiny retirement home' build has now started.  The earthworks have been done today and I should have a slab by next week if the weather holds up.  So crossing all fingers and toes.  

It's so exciting now that it has finally started!  I also received the star rating today and it is rated at 7.5 stars which is fantastic.  Would like to try to get to 8 but I don't know whether this is achievable, will have to wait and see.

I will put up some pics at the weekend so if you like you can follow the build.


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  1. That's a bummer about being sick but great about your new home. I hope the slab happens as planned and things run smoothly.
    Thanks for dropping by the market and saying hello, that was lovely :)